SAMBA+ for AIX 7

SAMBA+ AIX subscription keys can be purchased at Please add your subscription key first at and set either one global password or one password per subscription. Thereafter you can use your subscription key and password to log in to the SerNet download server and download the installer files from the protected area.

SAMBA+ AIX Packages

For best portability and minimized dependencies on any third party packages, the SAMBA+ for AIX package comes as a tar ball with an installation script.

Further details can be found in the README file in the package tar ball.

Distribution Supported architectures SAMBA+ AIX 4.16 download SAMBA+ AIX 4.15 download SAMBA+ AIX 4.14 download
AIX 7 power 4.16 4.15 4.14

If you want to verify the integrity of the tar ball you can verify the detached PGP signature, which you can find at the same place. This is signed with our package signing key, which has the following fingerprint: 7975 0C31 87AF 92DD AC46 086F D992 1B1C F442 8B1A


The software offered for download by this service is Open Source and Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or higher. It is provided as is, without any warranty under the conditions of the GPL. For details see the homepages of the GNU General Public License and the Free Software Foundation.