SAMBA+ subscription keys can be purchased at Please add your subscription key first at and set either one global password or one password per subscription. Thereafter you can use your key and password to log in to the SerNet download server and download files from the protected areas.

Samba Packages

The following form of URLs can be used to automatically retrieve packages from our repositories with package managers such as apt, yum or zypper. Direct download links to the packages are also available. The packages are signed with SerNet's gpg build key. See below for details.

If you need SAMBA+ for any other operating system or architecture, please use the following link to contact us:

The repository files can be copied to the following locations depending on the installer used:

installer path for repo-file
apt /etc/apt/sources.list.d
yum /etc/yum.repos.d
zypper /etc/zypp/repos.d

Note that the repository files are templates: In the URLs inside the repository files, you need to replace KEY:PASSWORD with your corresponding subscription key and password. Newer apt versions recommend to use the /etc/apt/auth.conf file to store the login information instead of the sources.list. For the SAMBA+ repository the following line would be needed: “machine login KEY password PASSWORD”.

Distribution Supported architectures SAMBA+ 4.14 repository SAMBA+ 4.14 download SAMBA+ 4.13 repository SAMBA+ 4.13 download SAMBA+ 4.12 repository SAMBA+ 4.12 download
Debian bullseye (11) i386, amd64 sernet-samba-4.14.list 4.14/debian sernet-samba-4.13.list 4.13/debian coming soon coming soon
Debian buster (10) i386, amd64, armhf sernet-samba-4.14.list 4.14/debian sernet-samba-4.13.list 4.13/debian sernet-samba-4.12.list 4.12/debian
Debian stretch (9) i386, amd64, armhf not supported 4 not supported 4 not supported 4 not supported 4 sernet-samba-4.12.list 4.12/debian
Ubuntu focal (20.04) i386, amd64 sernet-samba-4.14.list 4.14/ubuntu sernet-samba-4.13.list 4.13/ubuntu sernet-samba-4.12.list 4.12/ubuntu
Ubuntu bionic (18.04) i386, amd64 sernet-samba-4.14.list 4.14/ubuntu sernet-samba-4.13.list 4.13/ubuntu sernet-samba-4.12.list 4.12/ubuntu
Ubuntu xenial (16.04) i386, amd64 not supported 4 not supported 4 not supported 4 not supported 4 sernet-samba-4.12.list 4.12/ubuntu
RHEL 8 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/rhel/8 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/rhel/8 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/rhel/8
RHEL 7 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/rhel/7 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/rhel/7 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/rhel/7
RHEL 6 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/rhel/6 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/rhel/6 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/rhel/6 1
CentOS 8 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/centos/8 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/centos/8 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/centos/8
CentOS 7 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/centos/7 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/centos/7 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/centos/7
CentOS 6 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/centos/6 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/centos/6 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/centos/6 1
AlmaLinux 8 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/almalinux/8 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/almalinux/8 coming soon coming soon
Oracle Linux 8 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/oracle/8 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/oracle/8 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/oracle/8
Oracle Linux 7 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/oracle/7 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/oracle/7 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/oracle/7
Oracle Linux 6 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/oracle/6 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/oracle/6 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/oracle/6 1
SLES 15 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 5 4.14/sles/15 5 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/sles/15 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/sles/15
SLES 12 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/sles/12 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/sles/12 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/sles/12 1
SLES 11 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/sles/11 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/sles/11 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/sles/11 1
openSUSE Leap 15 x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 4.14/leap/15 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 4.13/leap/15 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 4.12/leap/15
openSUSE Leap 42 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/leap/42 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/leap/42 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/leap/42 1
openSUSE 13.2 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/suse/13.2 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/suse/13.2 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/suse/13.2 1
openSUSE 11.1 i386, x86_64 sernet-samba-4.14.repo 1 4.14/suse/11.1 1 sernet-samba-4.13.repo 1 4.13/suse/11.1 1 sernet-samba-4.12.repo 1 4.12/suse/11.1 1

1 Currently can not act as AD DC server (required minimum Python version is not available).
2 OS release reached its designated end-of-life (EOL) date.
3 Required software libraries are not available.
4 Required minimum Python version is not available.
5 Requires packages from SUSE Package Hub repository.
6 Requires packages from EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) repository.

The SerNet build key

The packages are signed with SerNet's gpg build key to guarantee authenticity.

After importing the key, please make sure that 'apt-key finger' or 'gpg --quiet --with-fingerprint /usr/lib/rpm/gnupg/sernet-build-key.gpg' shows the following fingerprint:

7975 0C31 87AF 92DD AC46 086F D992 1B1C F442 8B1A


Please refer to the SAMBA+ FAQ at


The software offered for download by this service is Open Source and Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or higher. It is provided as is, without any warranty under the conditions of the GPL. For details see the homepages of the GNU General Public License and the Free Software Foundation.